Our Culture

We are grateful to live in the greatest country in the world, with co-workers who have become family, working in an industry that excites us, for clients who we care about. The needs and goals of our clients always come first, and we often become advocates and cheerleaders for our clients. We see your vision, we hear your struggle, and we are thankful for the opportunity to help. We are grateful that many clients rely on us as a trusted partner. We strive to honor them daily through hard work and achievement, in the mutual pursuit of excellence.

At the DotCom office, we enjoy an environment that is casual, welcoming and genuine. We care about each other and about our clients. While we hold ourselves to high standards of professionalism, we are down to earth and authentic. We are truthful and respectful, willing to disagree, and willing to compromise. We love to eat so there is always food around. During the summer, we host Frozen Drink Friday as a fun way to unwind and celebrate another week of great work. This family-owned business is built on principles that inspire peace and productivity. We are people-friendly, child-friendly and dog-friendly. Aside from coworkers, we are all friends and we are a family.

A Closer Look


Our team strives for excellence in all we do for DotCom - as a group, and as individuals. We are intentional about our process, and the work ethic throughout our company is very strong. We go above the standards and beyond the expectations, and we challenge and inspire each other to grow. Excellence is evident from start to finish.


Our core value at DotCom is gratitude. We are thankful to live in this great country where we freely exhibit our faith in God and our love for others. We are grateful to work in an industry that excites us, with co-workers we respect and enjoy. We appreciate each of our clients and are motivated by their potential for great success.


When it comes to small business, we are your cheerleaders, your advocates and your customers. Our team supports the goals and needs of every entrepreneur that we work with. We see your vision and we hear your struggle. We care about you, we want to help you reach your goals and celebrate our mutual success. Our loyalty to you is authentic.

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