Outstanding Value

Cheap is almost never a good thing- especially when it comes to professional services. We don’t blame you for wanting to get a good deal. You’ve got a ton of business expenses to deal with already. Besides, you deserve to pay a fair price and get more than you were hoping for. Just be careful not to end up paying for a project or service that isn’t worth your investment. You don’t ever want a bargain website or cheap digital marketing services, because your “great deal” will show up in a really bad way.

Did you already learn this the hard way? Maybe you paid for a cookie cutter “marketing package” and it didn’t work, because it never does. If your digital marketing plan didn’t attract customers or increase sales, then it wasn’t worth a single dollar. How about your website? Like a majority of our clients, you might have hired a local guy to create your website and it was a big disappointment. A terrible site is worse for your company’s image than not having one at all… but you need a great website to give your business a fighting chance against the competition.

DotCom is committed to giving you the greatest value possible for the size of your company and the depth of your budget. We will deliver exciting, guaranteed results at a price that is beyond fair. We will never give you anything less than our best work.

A Closer Look

Success on a Budget

We will customize a plan to achieve the right balance of cost and outcome. The services you receive will ultimately reflect your budget, but every element of your plan will work together to produce the best possible result for your company. We will help you to determine which aspects of design, development and marketing must be incorporated in order to reach your specific goals. We will blend these three critical elements in a way that gives you the most bang for your buck, and we will tailor that plan to work on a budget of any size.

We’re right in the Middle

Not too big and not too small, DotCom offers the best of both worlds! If you go with a small company, it’s often one guy working alone and he’s probably not easy to get ahold of. With a big company, you’ll have a busy account manager and a lot of entry-level employees working on your project, so you could fall through the cracks. DotCom is right in the middle. You can take us seriously and trust us with big projects and tight deadlines. At the same time, we are a family-owned business with a comfortable office and we will make you feel important...because you are very important to us.

No Weak Links

Our team is quite literally the A-Team, because we don’t have any mediocre employees. Every member of our team, both onsite and offsite, was chosen for their expertise in a very specific area. We do not hire employees because the price is right- We hire employees with the right mix of skills and attitude, that will compliment our team and add value to our company. Our solid team includes over 15 people, boasting a range of capabilities because our people are talented and professional. The DotCom standard is very high and we hold each other accountable. You’ll come to meet our team and learn who is handling what, and we won’t disappoint you under any circumstances.

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