New Jersey Digital Marketing

New Jersey Digital Marketing - Overview

Using Digital Marketing to Drive More Traffic to Your New Jersey Business

We have been helping New Jersey based businesses with website design and digital marketing services since 1995. We offer a wide array of digital marketing services to fit just about any budget and situation. Learn more about our New Jersey DIgital Marketing programs below.

NJ Digital Marketing Agency

Local Search Listings

We help NJ companies rank at the top of LOCAL SEARCHES for increased visibility and greater website traffic.

SEO / Google Rankings

We are among the nations best SEO agencies - helping New Jersey businesses rank at the top of search engines for very competitive keywords.

Social Media Marketing

We help NJ businesses drive more traffic to their social media channels, create better social connections, and capture more leads.

Paid Ad Campaigns

We develop extremely effective online ad campaigns for immediate results and positive ROI.

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Digital Marketing Services

Here is a brief overview of the Digital Marketing services we provide to businesses in New Jersey and across the United States.

Local Search Optimization Service - New Jersey

Local Search Optimization

We make sure that your "local" map listing comes up at the top of all local searches - this is especially useful for mobile searches.

SEO service for New Jersey businesses


We are experts at getting your New Jersey business to rank at the top of Google searches. This drives massive traffic to your website.

New Jersey Social Media Management Agency

Social Media Management

We build and manage your social media channels - driving more social traffic, building better relationships, and helping you make more money.

New Jersey Agency - Paid Ad Campaign Management

Paid Ad Campaigns

We build awesome paid ad campaigns and lead-capture optimized landing pages - creating immediate results and positive ROI for your digital marketing dollars.

Digital Marketing Results

In the end, Digital Marketing is simple. Whether we are talking about New Jersey, or anywhere ... RESULTS are all that matters. The goals of each Digital Marketing may differ. However, regardless of the specific goal, it is imperative that your Digital Marketing Agency is effective and produces "Exciting Results".

New Jersey Website Design Award 2020
New Jersey Social Media Agency Award 2019
NJ Top 10 Digital Agency Award 2019
Best New Jersey Digital Agency Award 2020
New Jersey DIgital Marketing Agency

Our Awards

We are top-rated experts in New Jersey for Website Design and Digital Marketing.

We are honored to have worked with hundreds of New Jersey businesses since 1995 in the areas of website design and digital marketing.

Some of our work has gotten the attention of our industry - earning us many awards for website design and for our digital marketing campaigns.

Each Digital Marketing campaign is custom designed for each client - ensuring we maximize the impact of each of our tactics. Most of our campaigns have a strong SEO component - ensuring our clients rank well for keywords that are specific to their industry. In recent years, we have shifted more of our focus into local search optimization as well. Wherever you live and work in New Jersey, most companies benefit from dominating the "local searches".

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Talk to a Digital Marketing Expert

We can answer all your questions and help you plan the best digital marketing approach for your business.

How We Are Different

Learn why we have earned over 100 5-star ratings and dozens of awards as one of New Jersey's most effective Digital Marketing agencies.

A few members of our award-winning NJ Digital Marketing team

Certified Digital Marketers

Our team of Digital Marketing experts are trained and certified in multiple areas of diogital marketing. Simply put, we are more qualified than most digital marketing agencies.

New Jersey Office

Our agency has based in New Jersey since 1995. We understand Digital Marketing specifically for New Jersey businesses.

World-Class Digital Strategy

DotCom has had the honor of working with many of the top brands on the planet in website design and in digital marketing. Our digital strategies are world-class.

Our Digital Marketing Process

We have helped hundreds of New Jersey based businesses design and implement digital marketing strategies. We have a simple 3 step process which is fast, easy, and effective.

Digital Marketing process - step 1

Define Your Goals

The first step is to fully understand the goals of your company. Each company is different so each Digital Marketing campaign needs to be different as well. Some companies have greater short-term needs. Others are in it to dominate in the long term.

Digital Marketing process - step 2

Identify Opportunities

There are many different ways to reach your audience. We customize a digital marketing strategy based on the opportunities that are specific to your situation. From Local Search optimization to SEO, Social Media, paid ads, blogging, podcasting and more ... we will identify the best way for your to reach your audience and to capture more leads.

Digital Marketing process - step 3

Identify Your Budget

There is literally no limit to how much a company can invest in digital marketing. It is our job to help you identify the right budget for your situation and to make sure that we maximize the results and your ROI.

Digital Marketing Price Guide

Most New Jersey business owners are focused on the pricing related to digital marketing. We get it! We run a business too. While it is not possible to pinpoint the exact cost of your digital marketing campaign until we dig into things a little more deeply (see OUR PROCESS above), hopefully these general pricing guidleines will help you have a better understand of the investment required to launch a world-class digital strategy.

Digital marketing program overview for new jersey businesses
Digital Marketing Packages - Level 1

Entry Level Digital Marketing Campaigns

STARTING at $1,000/mo.

We have developed a very effective entry-level digital marketing package for New Jersey businesses. The focus is to get the biggest "bang" for the buck which (for most businesses) usually entails focusing on LOCAL SEARCH and a small PAID AD CAMPAIGN.

The goal of this campaign is to drive immediate traffic, create positive ROI, and to help the business transition to more aggressive digital marketing campaigns.

Digital Marketing Packages - Level 2

Professional LevelDigital Marketing Campaigns

STARTING at $3,500/mo.

For more established New Jersey based businesses who are looking to capture more traffic, more leads, and more sales - our Professional Level Digital Marketing Campaigns are for you. For most businesses adding more aggressive social media marketing tactics along with local search optimization and paid ad campaigns is a great combination that leads to higher levels of success.

Digital Marketing Packages - Level 3

World-Class Digital Marketing Campaigns

STARTING at $5,000/mo.

For large or aggressive businesses, we have developed an extremely effective digital marketing program which effectively reaches high-value audiences across a variety of channels. If your goal is to dominate your market and maximize your results - this is the option that has been used for dozens of other New Jersey businesses with great success!

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Questions About Digital Marketing?

We can answer all your questions and help you plan the best digital marketing approach for your New Jersey based business.

NJ Digital Marketing Agency

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NJ Digital Marketing Programs for Businesses

Benefits of Hiring a Digital Marketing Agency

Many New Jersey business owners have learned the benefit of hiring a top-quality digital marketing agency to manage their online campaigns. It is common for smaller businesses to want to handle some of these tasks themselves, but the level of expertise and the time involved soon becomes too much for small businesses. This is where a professional digital marketing agency comes in!

More Website Traffic for New Jersey websites

More Website Traffic

High-performing digital marketing campaigns drive 50% to 200% more traffic to your website than campaigns managed in-house.

Conversion Rates for New Jersey websites

Higher Conversion Rates

More effective digital marketing campaigns means higher conversion rates - which is always appreciated by business owners!

Increased Revenue for New Jersey websites

Increased Revenue

More website traffic and higher conversion rates lead to increased revenue for your business. With enough increased revenue, the digital marketing campaigns easily pay for themselves.

Inproved workflow for New Jersey websites

Saves Time

Reaching your goals sooner is a huge benefit of hiring a digital marketing agency. Time is your most precious comodity. We are here to help give you back more time!

Award-Winning Website Design

Don't Forget About Your Website!

award winning NJ website design ageancy
  • Reponsive

Your website should employ modern features to maximize your impact

  • Attractive Design

Your website is a reflection of your business. It should look great.

  • Effective Design

Your website design should maximize engagement and achieve your goals..

  • Modern Design Style

Design styles change with time. Your website should always be modern.

  • Features

Your website should be optimized to work on mobile devices.

  • Useful Content

Website visitors expect more these days. Provide value or lose them!

  • Great Visuals

Stand out and be memorable by including great photos or custom graphics.

  • Optimized

Your website should be optimized to attract high search engines ranking.

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New Jersey

Local Directory Listings

After speaking with several dozens of New Jersey business owners about website design and digital marketing over the years it has become clear that they are not adequately informed about the role and the significance of LOCAL DIRECTORY LISTINGS. We would like to shed some light on this topic here.

NJ Digital Marketing Agency Examples

What Are Local Directory Listings?

Every business in New Jersey (and everywhere else) is listed in hundreds of online business directories. Even if you, as the business owner, didn't submit your information, it is still "out there".

Mostly these listings include basic contact information about your business and your website.

These listings are used by mobile phone apps, mapping software, Google, and millions of internet users who are searching for various businesses in New Jersey.


How is My Business Listed?

Unfortunately, most businesses are listed incorrectly in many of these online directories. Because these directories are generated automatically without any quality-control or oversight ... errors are common.

If your business or website information is incorrect, it can harm people's ability to find you online. What's worse is the incorrect information can actually be the contact information for your local competitors ... whether they are located in your town directly, or in another town nearby.

Screenshot of NJ Digital Marketing Agency


New Jersey Clients
Websites and Digital Marketing Campaigns

The following screenshots represent a small sample of websites and digital marketing campaigns we have completed for New Jersey businesses in the past few years. If you would like to see larger versions and/or a complete list of clients and testimonials, please contact us.

New Jersey Digital Marketing example for a property management company
Website Design and Digital Marketing
New Jersey Property Management Company
New Jersey Digital Marketing example for an online retailer of handwoven rugs
Website Design and Digital Marketing
New Jersey Online Retailer
New Jersey Digital Marketing example for a business consultant
Website Design and Digital Marketing
New Jersey Business Consultant
New Jersey Digital Marketing example for Long Beach Island Blog
Website Design and Digital Marketing
LBI, New Jersey Online Blog
New Jersey Digital Marketing example for a jewelry store
Website Design and Digital Marketing
New Jersey Jewelry Store
New Jersey Digital Marketing example for an interior design company
Website Design and Digital Marketing
New Jersey Interior Designers
NJ Digital Marketing example for a hotel
Website Design and Digital Marketing
New Jersey Hotel & Restaurant
New Jersey Digital Marketing example for an eye doctor
Website Design and Digital Marketing
New Jersey Eye Doctor Office
New Jersey Digital Marketing example for a custom home builder
Website Design and Digital Marketing
New Jersey Custom Home Builder
New Jersey Digital Marketing example for a real estate office
Website Design and Digital Marketing
New Jersey Real Estate
New Jersey Digital Marketing example for a resort hotel
Website Design and Digital Marketing
New Jersey Resort Hotel
New Jersey Digital Marketing example for real estate
Website Design and Digital Marketing
New Jersey Real Estate

New Jersey Digital Marketing Agency

Expert Website Design & Digital Marketing Tips

Every town is different, every business and industry is different. What works well in one situation may not be the best approach in another situation. That being said, we do see a consistent set of issues that seem to apply for a large number of New Jersey businesses.

After dozens of conversations and consultations with business owners relating to website design and digital marketing for New Jersey businesses, I have collected the following list of general website design and digital marketing tips and tricks.

Social Proof for New Jersey Websites

Social proof has 2 different levels. Level one refers to customer testimonials and online ratings and reviews. New Jersey residents (and residents of the surrounding area) want to know who you've done business with and what was their experience. Including testimonials, ratings, and online reviews on your website is an important way to show people that you are trustworthy.

The second level of social proof is authority and credibility. You should include the company logos of partners, or certifications, or other "official" credentials you may have on your website. The combination of authority and positive client experience is called LAYERING your Social Proof. It is a powerful element to our digital marketing strategy.

Read a related article about this: How Social Proof Can Help New Jersey Businesses.

Great Content for Better New Jersey Websites

After reviewing over 1000 New Jersey websites recently, our team of expert website designers have determined that New Jersey businesses are not paying nearly enough attention to their website content.

The web is different than it used to be. Website visitors expect more. It is your job to educate your customers, your leads, and your prospects. If they cannot find the information they are looking for on your website, they will go elsewhere to find it.

Our job is to help you use content in an effective way to improve your website and digital marketing campaigns.

Read a related article about this: How Great Content Can Help New Jersey Websites.

Social Media Marketing for New Jersey Websites

Across the board, New Jersey websites are not being properly supported with social media. In fact, things are so bad for New Jersey businesses that we honestly cannot find a single example of a company doing it properly

Social Media is a powerful source of new prospects and gives you the opportunity to connect in meaningful ways with your existing customer base. In a small town like New Jersey, a solid social campaign could establish your business in the minds of "strangers" very quickly and easily.

Read a related article about this: How Social Media Marketing Can Help New Jersey Businesses.

Digital Strategy For Better New Jersey Websites

In a recent survey, only 5% of New Jersey (and other nearby towns) business owners developed a true digital strategy before developing their websites. That is a remarkable statistic.

Any company spending $10,000 or more on their website and related digital marketing, should go through a rigorous digital strategy process. It will save you time and money in the long run!

Read a related article about this: How Great Strategy Can Help New Jersey Websites.

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