Terms of Service

Last Updated 6/14/2024

The following terms and conditions apply to all work product completed by DotCom, our staff, and our vendors (if applicable) - on behalf of our clients.

3rd-Party Services: DotCom utilizes a number of 3rd-party services to deliver, monitor, maintain, and enhance many of our projects. DotCom is not responsible for service interruptions or any problems related to these services. We strive to use reputable services from proven companies but we do not make claims or warranty or are responsible for any aspect of their services.

Service Agreement Renewals: Many of our service agreements are for a period of 12-months. Once expired, the agreements auto-renew on a month-to-month basis unless specifically otherwise stated in a client's particular service agreement

Cancellation of services: Accounts in good standing can be terminated with 2 weeks prior notice, however the client MAY be responsible for any 3rd-party service charges still outstanding contractually. Many services require 12 month commitments. A full accounting of these services are available upon request.

Dispute resolution: Client agrees that all disputes and legal claims, should they come to it, are to be governed by Florida state law and all court filings are to be made in the county of Collier County Florida.

Copyright Issues All items provided by the client or any agent of the client - including photos, graphics, logos, written content, code, etc is accepted and used by DotCom under the reasonable belief that these items are properly acquired and that the client has the proper rights secured to use these items. Any issues arising from these materials are the sole responsibility of the client.

Copyright violation claims Upon request, if ANY copyright violation claim is brought to our attention, the DotCom staff will remove the items in dispute within a reasonable time frame. It is the client's responsibility to work out the details of these claims. In the interim, we have a responsibility to remove them in order to avoid opening ourselves up to willful copyright violation.

Our service terms and conditions are occasionally updated on this page. Clients are responsible for knowing and adhering to any updated terms and conditions. DotCom will make reasonable attempts to alert clients of significant changes via email alerts, but it is the client's responsibility to be familiar with the specifics of the terms of this agreement.