We humbly believe that you won't find our scope of capabilities anywhere else under the sun. It's a bold statement from a bold company. We have assembled an incredible team of professionals and we are prepared for whatever you want to throw at us. If it's got anything to do with websites, marketing and sales, chances are excellent that we can do it! If you have dreamed up something completely new and unusual, we can likely make it work. If we can't do it, we probably know someone who can, and we'll use our strategic partnerships to your benefit. We will offer solutions- just tell us about your goals.

"We Can Do Just About Anything"

We've won numerous industry awards including the prestigious "Website of the Year" awarded by The WDA (Web Developers Association), but we're even more proud of what our clients say about us. DotCom has been creating websites and designing digital strategies since 1995. Recognized as one of the top digital firms in the United States(Forbes 2008), DotCom moved out of the Fortune 500 space to help small to mid-sized businesses gain access to a level of quality they've never seen before.

We can work with you onsite or offsite, depending on your location and environment. Even though we work hard (the understatement of the century) the DotCom team is a whole lot of fun to be around! Meeting with our highly capable group of web and marketing experts will not only be productive, but you can count on us for some good company… while working to elevate your company! No one dreads a meeting at DotCom. We dive deep into business, with straight talk and realness, but we always manage to lighten things up with positivity energy and genuine happiness. A perfect balance of work and play comes with the territory around here.

A Closer Look

Skills and Experience

The unique skills and depth of experience found at DotCom is rare, especially considering that we serve small to mid-level businesses. Most entrepreneurs have never worked with a team like ours before! Even though our modest group is comprised of less than twenty people, we provide the skills and experience that is usually found at much larger companies. Our employees are masters in their fields, and they bring a tremendous amount of value and expertise.

Onsite or Offsite

DotCom is a relationship-focused company, and we like to interact with our clients on a personal level. Getting to know you and showing you who we really are is our prerogative. We usually work onsite at our office, but enjoy the freedom to meet with clients at their offices, or at another location. We have many clients who are located further away, but thanks to technology we can stay connected. Sometimes, long distance clients visit us and while we are traveling on business trips, we try to coordinate schedules with them. We do our best to spend time with each client in person, but it's totally feasible to handle everything digitally.

Strategic Partnerships

We can do virtually anything within the web development and digital marketing space. Once in a great while, we're presented with an unusually niche project that we cannot handle directly. If and when this happens, we turn to our network of top specialty providers, who we have built strategic partnerships with. Twenty years of industry experience has helped us to build very strong bridges. Don't get us wrong: We want to be your people! But if we are not a good fit, we will gladly refer you to one or two others who are worth vouching for. Networking is a major asset, and we will share our networks with you whenever it's helpful to do so.

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